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About Us

Ultimate Training Center Manager allows individual instructors to input student information directly into the database eliminating illegible handwriting. All class information is stored on our servers allowing you to print cards quickly & efficiently, making your TC virtually paper free!

It can give you exact feedback on when student certification is expiring allowing you to contact them to give them a reminder. Ultimate Training Center Manager also allows you to print mailing envelopes with student addresses directly imported from the database. Students can lose track of when their certifications expire being able to effortlessly recall this information & let the student know can guarantee repeat business.

Ultimate Training Center Manager can also help you keep track of your instructors & Training Sites. Knowing when, where & what they are teaching allows you to easily add new students to existing classes or schedule new ones. It allows everyone within your TC to work in a more cohesive way, allowing your TC to become more productive instead of reactive.

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